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The Bumblebunch Philosophy of Sewing

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

  1. Begin each project with the intention of expressing love and gratitude for the intended recipient, be it myself or others.

  2. Breathe deeply while cutting. Breathe deeply while sewing. Sewing is slow, and the act of slowing down is a gift of mindfulness. Accept any interruption in the process as a gift to be present. Find joy in the process, and appreciation for the amount of time it takes.

  3. Bring creativity not just to sewing, but to the act of getting dressed. Use sustainability as a creative parameter by styling what is already in your closet in new ways. Thrift what you need but don’t have time to sew. When clothing wears down, mend it.

  4. One of our goals is to become a zero waste studio.

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