About Us

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California has given me the gift of being surrounded by an array of different cultures, art, and industries. After graduating California State University, Northridge with a Film degree, I had a blast in my 15 year career in Broadcast Advertising for some of L.A.'s top production companies. Once my daughters were born, I wanted to show them the things that I loved to do as a child. So we started to sew, and that expanded into a sewing circle with friends, teaching elementary kids, then into SEWciety Studio that I founded and co-owned for 4 years.  After 6 years of teaching kids to sew, Bumblebunch Sewing Studio has become a reality.  

At Bumblebunch, we never quit learning. We are always expanding our curriculum of classes and creating a learning environment that enables and encourages students to think beyond the patterns in front of them. 


We don't just teach kids to sew.  We provide them opportunities to flex their creative muscles, give them confidence in their choices, show them the benefits of patience, how to focus on their projects, and take pride in their accomplishments.  These are the lessons I hope they will carry with them forever.

And now with COVID-19, we are all challenged with this once in a generation situation. In response to the stay-at-home orders, we have added online classes to serve our students.  And, thanks to all of the technology that enables us to be separate but together, the learning continues.  And we are excited by being able to reach students out of our geographic footprint, all over the United States. 


 Please browse our site to see what we can offer your student.  I love teaching kids and teens, and am so grateful for all of the opportunities to serve.

---Yvonne Dill-Cruz, Bumblebunch owner