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We Love Our Community Helpers!

National Charity League

Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts

Whether your Scout is making something to keep or creating a service project, sewing is a fun and creative skill that can be used for a lifetime.

Scouts ages 9-17 can use the sewing machine to make projects such as a scrunchies, tote bag, drawstring bag, small crossbody zippered bag, zippered pencil pouch or decorative bunting banner.  We can also make other projects if your troop has something else in mind.

Scouts ages 6-8 can create hand-sewn projects such as felt monster dolls or adorable personalized hand-embroidered projects.

Scout Troop Information

  • $40/per student/2 hours

  • Price includes fabric, sewing supplies, and use of sewing machines

  • Classes are in-person

  • 6 student minimum

We are proud to work with the dedicated members of our local NCL and appreciate the many ways they help our community and make a big difference. We have worked with NCL members for many years and specialize in teaching all of the required NCL projects:


Adult Bibs

Baby Blankets

Lap Quilts

Wheelchair Bag

Repurposed Tote Bags

NCL Information

  • $40/per student/2 hours

  • Price includes supplies for one pillowcase project

  • Supplies for additional projects are to be provided by the NCL group

  • Classes are in-person

  • 6 student minimum

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