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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My child is homeschooled, can we use a PO for camps too?
    Yes! As long as your charter school approves it. If using school funds, please remember to use the "Homeschool PO" coupon code.
  • Why are the weekday morning classes priced differently?
    The reason for the price difference is that the morning classes are off-peak. Everything else is still the same as far as instruction, projects, and fabrics included.
  • Do you offer make-up classes?
    Unfortunately make-up classes will no longer be offered for missed lessons. Because lots of planning goes to preparing lessons and scheduling instructors for each specific class, a student who does not attend a lesson will miss the benefit of that lesson. Bumblebunch offers lots of class times in order to help meet a parent's busy schedule. Please be sure that your student can attend each class before enrolling them.
  • My student is 8 years old, could I enroll her or him?
    Teaching ages 9+ has to do with safety. In our experience, a child younger than 9 years old generally has difficulty with pinning fabric, using scissors, working with patterns, and have shorter spans of concentration. Since we work with a sewing machine, sharp objects such as scissors and pins, safety is important. Also, these are group lessons and each student needs to be able to work independently while an instructor is helping another student.
  • Why does my student need to complete the first three beginner projects?
    The three beginner projects are a tried and true way to learn. Each project builds skills that helps the student understand the basics for all future sewing projects and not become frustrated. Having fun while learning to sew is an important component so that our students also build confidence along the way. If you feel that your student has substantial sewing experience and would be able to start with Levels 2 or 3, please feel free to contact me at
  • What happens if my child has an unfinished project?
    We will hold on to your student's unfinished project for up to 2 months. Hopefully your student can register to continue classes in order to complete it. If the student cannot return for lessons, the unfinished project can be picked up at the studio.
  • Do you teach adults?
    Our studio is unique because we specialize in teaching kids and teens. All of our classes are group lessons for ages 9-17.
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