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Welcome to
Bumblebunch Sewing Studio

We offer a friendly space for kids to get creative and learn how to make things they love. 

Cultivating Confidence and Creativity:
Where Young Minds Explore the Art of Sewing

Welcome to Bumblebunch Sewing Studio, a nurturing space tailored for young minds aged 9-17 to delve into the world of sewing. Our studio, designed with a touch of modernity and warmth, provides an inviting environment where kids and teens can embark on a journey of creativity and skill-building.

Empower Growth

Led by expert instructors specializing in this age group, we maintain a small student-teacher ratio (4:1), ensuring a personalized and comfortable learning pace. Beyond the art of sewing, our studio fosters connections, encouraging students to socialize and form lasting bonds.


Our transparent pricing covers all essentials – fabric, sewing machines, patterns, and supplies, eliminating the need for additional shopping.


Explore the world of sewing with us, backed by the reassurance of our positive Google reviews.


Join our community, where the joy of sewing meets the growth of confidence. Let the sewing adventure begin!

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"Creativity is intelligence having fun."
~ Albert Einstein

Birthday Parties, Scouts, and Other Groups

Celebrate your special day at Bumblebunch. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, earning a patch, or donating your sewing projects to charity, we've got you covered. Please email us to book your date. 


About The Bumblebunch Team

Cultivating Confidence and Creativity

At Bumblebunch Sewing Studio, we prioritize cultivating creativity and instilling confidence in young learners. Established by Yvonne Dill-Cruz, our studio embodies years of dedication to teaching children and teens the craft of sewing. With a diverse curriculum and unwavering commitment to safety, we provide a supportive environment for students to explore, learn, and flourish. Join us in nurturing your child's skills and watch their creativity blossom.



Shannon OReilly via Google

"Can’t say enough positive things about this local business! I love them, my daughter loves them more and anyone we’ve referred have loved them!The environment they have set up with positive mentors is amazing. My daughter loves the personal relationships with the teen helpers and teachers. The student to teacher ratio is 4:1 at the highest but usually it’s even lower."
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